Step - By - Step Guide to Creating Rose Nail Art (not just) for Valentine's Day

Step - By - Step Guide to Creating Rose Nail Art (not just) for Valentine's Day

Are you looking for offering something different from the usual love heart to your clients this Valentine's?


Why not try creating some beautiful rose nail art to make your nails stand out!


With this step - by - step guide, you will be able to create stunning rose nail art that's perfect for any special occassion (not just for Valentine's).


I have put together 5 easy to follow tutorials on 5 different techniques for creating beautiful roses on nails. Perfect for the season of love. You can use these techniques  to offer something unique and special for your clients (not just) this Valentine's Day.
Each tutorial has a step - by - step guide that can be used for any level of expertise. From simple to intricate designs, you can easily choose the one that best suits your client's needs.
This is the perfect way to add something special (not just) this Valentine's Day and show off your talents as an artist! So let's get into it!




1. Sparkly Glitter Rose Nail Art Tutorial 

Painting roses on a glittery background can be a beautiful and unique way to add a special touch to any artwork. To create this look, you will need a few supplies, including black and white gel paints, fine nail art brushes, and glitter.

Begin by sketching out the outline of the roses on the glittery nail. Then, fill in the rose petals with diluted black gel polish. Once it is cured, add a layer of black gel polish to the background. Finally, use a fine nail art brush to add details to the roses. With patience and practice, you can create a stunning and unique piece of art that will be sure to impress.





2. Get Creative With Gel Polish: Tutorial for painting Roses


Have you ever wanted to create beautiful, intricate nail art designs but thought it was too hard or time consuming? Do you want to do  more than just a full block colour application with your gel polishes?

With some practice and the right supplies, you can create stunning looks with gel polish and the wet-on-wet technique. Let's break down how to paint a rose with this technique.

First, you'll need to gather the supplies. You'll need gel polish in white, a light pink, red, green and mustard yellow, a thin nail art brush, and a gel top coat. Make sure the nail art brush is specifically designed for nail art and has a slim tip.

Now, it's time to start the design. Begin by painting the white gel polish over the entire nail. Once it is dry, use the thin brush to create the rose petals. Start in the center of the nail and draw a rose shape, then create petals around  in a circular shape.

To finish the look, paint a green stem and some leaves using the thin nail art brush. Add a layer of gel polish top coat and cure under a LED lamp for the full shine.

Now you have a beautiful rose design that you can show off to your clients. 




3. An Introduction to One Stroke Rose Painting


This is a type of painting technique that allows you to paint beautiful roses with just one stroke! It's a great way to add a touch of floral beauty to your artwork.

To get started, you'll need a few supplies like one stroke gel paint, a palette, and some brushes. Once you have those items, you can begin practicing the basic strokes.

Start by painting circle. This will give the base to your rose. Then, use strokes around the circle to create the petals. Finally, add some details such as leaves and more petals to finish the rose. With practice, you can create lovely roses in no time! 



4. How to Create a Show - Stopping Encapsulated  Frozen Rose Nail  Art Look


Creating a show stopping encapsulated rose - frozen nail art look may take some time, but the effort is worth it! You'll need dual forms to create the perfect petal shapes and to create the nail itself.

Start by creating rose petals  inside of the dual form. Once you have the petals, you can use the another dual form to arrange the petals into a rose shape. You'll want to use gel to secure the petal shapes and to create the "frozen" look. To finish the design, use a clear polish, glitter, or other decorations to add a sparkle to your design.




5. Create Beautiful 3D Roses with Gel Using These Simple Tips


Are you ready to learn how to create 3D roses with gel? With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to make beautiful roses!

First, select the colors you want for your roses. You can use a variety of colors to create multicolored roses or just one color for a more classic look.

Next, take a small amount of gel and spread it on the nail. Use your fingers  to shape the gel into a circle shape. You can make small or large roses, depending on your preference.

Once you’ve formed your round shape, use a dotting tool to create petals. 

Finally, add leaves to your 3D rose. You can make them small or large and in a variety of shapes.




Creating rose nail art is a fun and creative way to express your style and show off your creativity. With the help of this guide, you can create 5 different roses that will wow your clients and makes you fully booked. With a bit of practice, you can master the art of rose nail art and create stunning works of art that will make you stand out as a nail artist from the crowd.


Which one is your favourite? Which technique would you like to learn more about? Leave your comment below! I would love to know.






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