Do you get bored with your colour?

Do you get bored with your colour?

I don’t know how you feel about choosing a colour for your nails but I have found it as a very hard sometimes challenging job to do! I might like a colour on Monday but by the time we get to Friday, i am just bored with it! 😩


Being a nail technician, I have got over 500 colours to choose from but I haven’t actually got the time to change the colour every week.


So i asked my clients if they feel the same or it is only me?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️


Some of them are happy with their chosen colour for 3-4 weeks without any issues, while some of them mentioned that they can get bored.


So finding some colour changing product was on the cards. When BORN PRETTY sent me a message if i was interested in their products, I didn’t really know what to say because i have already had some products in the shop and wasn’t really looking for anything else. Then I checked out their collection and found the various colour changing gel polishes!


💡this could be the solution to my boredom of colours! Ordered a few and started to use them on myself and my clients too. I was pretty impressed with the coverage. It goes on smoothly and well got my little excitement from the colours changing by temperature 😉


Not long after, 40+ new colours arrived to the shop and now ready for you to order them online.

Creamy consistency, flexible, soak-off gel polish. As durable as colour gels, as easy to apply as lacquer. Cures perfectly in a UV or LED lamp, no scratches or shrinking.

Highly pigmented colours, changing by temperature.

The flat brush adjusts beatufilly to the arch of the nail plate, ensuring precise and even application.

Can be used on its own or part of any nail art applications, on uv gels, acrylics and polygels too.


This is Red Grapefruit Soda colour:


With a bit of nail art fun, here is an example how it changes colour!

Original colour:


When the colour starts to change by temperature:


The changed colour:


If you want to watch a video on this colour changing, have a look on my Instagram.

Have fun on your nails 💅!


Lots of Love,


Susan x

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