Nail Photography Masterclass


Your shortcut to visually appealing, social media pleasing, marketing boosting nail pictures.... with strategies and techniques. 


Nail Photography Masterclass


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Marketing is a must. You need it, if you want to grow your gorgeous nail business. You know you need good pictures to do that but it doesn't have to be a headache.


What if taking pictures of your salon work was easier, if you had someone to show you what to do, and when, and why, so it works? (I mean, let's face it - you've tried loads of things that DIDN'T work so it's about time you got a break, right?)


And it would be great if you had someone to ask, who has been there, right?  A fellow nail technician who GET IT and can share their experience with you? 


Well. This amazing course exists. I created the Nail Photography Masterclass for ambitious, determined, nail technicians and nail tech students so you can grow your business as quickly and easily as possible.


Do you ever take a salon nail picture, but NEVER post it on social media because it just does not look good?


When was the last time when you took a picture of your salon work and it looked so stunning that you wanted to print it on posters, your next flyers or business cards? 


Have you been avoiding taking pictures of your salon work because you haven't got a professional camera? 


You are not using any backgrounds or any props because they are expensive, set up takes forever and don't know where to store them? 


Are you struggling to find the best nail lamp for your pictures?


Do you just take a picture and immediately share it on social media but still don't get any new bookings? 





Well, it is my latest course and it includes pretty much everything you need to know about taking pictures of your salon nails with your phone. 


• Skin preparation 

• Nail preparation 

• Phone preparation 

• Set up : background, props

• Lighting

• Hand positions

• Taking pictures with your phone

• Editing 


BONUS: extra ideas to post if you have not got any clients. 


What's not to love?


Here's what you get: 


  • During this 4-hour course, I teach you how to take magnificent pictures of your salon work, using just your phone ( what you already have).


  • Use different backgrounds, props and hand positions, helping you finding your style for your portfolio. 


  • Then we edit those pictures together, so noone can steal them and they will look more enhanced for your marketing.




* 11th March ( Monday ) - 2 spaces available

* 17th March ( Sunday ) - 2 spaces available

* 18th March ( Monday ) - 2 spaces available

* 25th March ( Monday ) - 2 spaces available


* 8th April ( Monday ) - 2 spaces available

* 21st April ( Sunday ) - 2 spaces available

* 22nd April ( Monday ) - 2 spaces available

* 29th April ( Monday ) - 2 spaces available


If you require any date not listed above, please contact us.


COURSE  LOCATION: Peterborough PE4 area. This is an in-person training, small classes for maximum attention.

If you are interested to do this training online, please send us an email.

EDUCATOR: Zsuzsanna Varga

Our tutorare also qualified with  Level 4 PTTLS or equivalent teaching awards in education, with over 15  years of experience in nail professional industries.

Winner for the "Fit for a Princess" nail photogrpahy competition.






From 1st April £150.00


DEPOSIT: £50.00 of deposit is required to secure your place on this course. Please note your deposit is non refundable or transferable. Please read our T&C for courses.

Your deposit needs to be sent over as a bank transfer. Please ask for bank details. Your reference is your date of training day. IMPORTANT: do not send any deposit before date been discussed. 

KIT: no kit required. You will be provided with everything you need to learn how to take stunning pictures of your salon work.


MODEL no required. You will be taking pictures of each other's nails (or your own).

Ideally, you should attend this course with a fresh set of nails. 

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