5 Day FREE Fine Lines and Swirls Challenge Day 2

5 Day FREE Fine Lines and Swirls Challenge Day 2

Morning all! Today is day 2 on your 5 day challange of fine lines and swirls!
How did you like it yesterday? Was it hard to complete the challenge? How long did it take you? What did you use? Acrylic paint or gel or something else? Love to hear your experiment with your worksheet.

Today is a little bit different day. There is no video today, however I recommend to watch the videos again to refresh your memory of the basic strokes and how to achieve them. If you just join us today, then please find the videos on this event page and the worksheet as well. If you cannot find the link to the workheet, i just posted day 1 challenge on our website as a blog post.
Here is the link: https://www.susansnailstore.co.uk/…/5-day-free-fine-lines-a…

In today's challenge, you will find a manual. This manual is 4 pages. In this manual, you will find detailed step by step instructions how to get today’s challenge look. Pictures and descriptions. Then you will find some of the basic strokes again as a practice. Practice the basic stroke first. Train your hands and fingers. Then follow the example and try to recreate it.

Again as I said before, no matter if you do it with acrylic paint or hard colour gel, one colour background or fancy. The aim is to pratice some fine lines and strokes

To get today's challenge, please follow this link:

Any questions, any time, pease feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Good luck to you all today.


Lots of Love,


Susan xx


P.S.: don't forget to join us and share your work on the event page.

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