How a New Kind of Soft Gel Improved My French Gel Polish Service

How a New Kind of Soft Gel Improved My French Gel Polish Service

In one of my my previous blog posts, I wrote about an amazing product called POWER BASE!  If you missed it, have a look on it here.  My fellow nail technicians (as well as myself) are reporting amazing results with this special base gel under gel polish service!

 Watch how to apply!





Based on this amazing base gel (not to mention how long it lasted on my clients natural nails) I was looking for a similar ish product that is good for:

  • natural nail strengthening 
  • has got a nude colouring
  • not too heavy
  • doesn’t burn
  • easy to apply
  • soakable
  • good base for French style gel polish application 
  • can be used over clear hard gel if required 


I have tried a few from different companies but they were a little bit iffy.  Either the colour was not natural or the burning was so unbearable, I almost gave up. 


Then I received a message from NABA, saying the new POWER BASE colours arrived! 🙏🏻 


Excited or what!  And they came not just in one colour but two!! 

One of them is called Cover Pink, the other one is Cover Beige. 


NABA Power Base Cover Pink




NABA Pover Base Gel Cover Beige




NABA Power Base

I like them both but Cover Beige suits better to my skin type. 


How to use them? Very simple! 

After natural nail preparation, I applied a thin coat of colour. Cure. ( curing time varies, depending on your lamp - I use NABA LED lamp - 30sec ) 

No heat spike. 


Applied my second coat.  You can use it a bit thicker if you wish.  It has got a nice texture to it.  It doesn’t flow or run.  You can control it easily.  Cure. Surprisingly still no heat spike!  I am very very pleased because normally I can feel every product!  Event the top coat!  How?  🤷🏻‍♀️  Don’t know, don’t ask!  I am just super sensitive! 


If you want to achieve a natural nude look, all you need is top coat now. 


If you want to get that French look, use your NABA X One lac gel or NABA 01 white hard gel and with a fine nail art brush, or dotting tool (whichever is easier for you) paint it on ;)


As your final step, use top gel.  You can use NABA Power Top or Base and Top Gel.  Both are flexible top coats. 


NABA Power Base Cover Pink


 NABA Power Base Cover Beige



Forget those days when you were hunting for that perfect pink colour to do a French gel polish service and you were applying 2-3 sometimes 4 coats to have the perfect coverage!  With NABA POWER BASE you can do all that with one product!  And also a bit of strengthening to the natural nail too!  Now that’s power! 


As for pricing?  I always charged an extra £5.00 on top of my gel polish price for natural nail strengthening.  And none of my clients asked me why after they felt the difference.  Longer lasting gel polish service (up to 4-5 weeks), stronger natural nails!


Amazing, natural nude colours in the bottle.  That’s the new NABA POWER BASE GELS. 

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