Unicorn Pigment: a fun, bright and iridescent pigment to welcome the summer. Easy application, lots of fun!

Oh My Unicorn 🦄!

Unicorn  definition:


  • a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.
  • the spiritual energy of Unicorn symbolism can take you on the ride of your life, if you are ready to go beyond the limitations of your imagination, and make your dreams, a reality!


Unicorn make up, unicorn hair, unicorn clothing or even unicorn cake!  We have seen it all now so it was kind of a must to have on nails too. 


A fun, bright, iridescent nail colour to welcome the summer.   NABA has launched its own version of unicorn powder and here is my little review on how to use it! 


It comes in a sealed pot which seams to be bigger than the pigment amount inside of it.  Unfortunately there is only 1g in the pot but the good news is; you only need to use a small amount of it.  If you wonder how many sets can you do with 1g of pigment?!  The answer is approximately 20 so in this case, the price is very reasonable. 


It doesn’t come with any application tool, you need to find the best for you.  Some people like to use their fingertips, some like a silicone tool.  Personally speaking, I like the small eyeshadow applicator with a sponge end.  You can get these from any shops nowadays. 


If you never worked with pigments before, have a look on my previous blog post on them here. 


I like having a play with my stuff and getting the most out of it so i will show you 3 different looks with unicorn powder. 


They all look a bit different and the look can be achieved with different products.

In my first video, I am demoing a very nice, milky pink builder gel, called Fairy Pink from NABA.  This hard gel can be used as gel overlay on natural nails or on tip extensions as well as sculpted gel nails.  Self- levelling, medium viscosity.  Ideal for baby boomer, rose quarz and 3D nail art.  Cures in UV lamp and LED lamp too.  Easy to file.  After curing time, file and buff the nail, then apply tack free top gel and cure.  As soon as your top gel is cured, apply unicorn pigment onto the nail.  Coat it with a flexible top coat.  You can add nail art on it or just leave it on its own.  Very popular and easy to achieve look in the salon.



In the second video, I am using NABA hard colour gel number 67

Spice up your salon nails with these amazing new pigments from NABA.  Due to high quality, you only need to use a tiniest amount to get the effect.  Achieve different looks using colorful base underneath these powders.  You need to apply these pigments on tack free hard gel / gel polish / top coat and then seal it with a flexible top coat.




In my last video, i have created a babyboomer background with the new revolution gels.  Used top gel and applied unicorn pigment on top of top gel. 





Having a good play with my unicorn pigment, here is my advices to you: 


  • if you want the pigment to work its very best, apply it one by one, straight after you took the nail out of the lamp and it is ready for pigment application. While the nail is still “warm” the pigment application is better, smoother and easier. 
  • make sure your nails are 100% perfect, no dust stuck to the surface as pigments show the tiniest inperfection on the nail
  • use an applicator
  • take off the extra pigment with a soft cloth before top gel application.  In this case you can prevent extra pigment on the top of the nail which makes the look more glittery than shiny. 
  • always use flexible top gel with pigments (if you want avoid cracking top gel)
  • you may need to use not just one but two layer of top gels (cure between layers)
  • you can add any nail art on top of your unicorn pigment 



Would I recommend it to use in salon?  Absolutely!!!  My clients are loving it wether i use it on top of Babyboomer nails or on top of colour, absolute winner! 




Go and make your clients dream a reality with unicorn pigment today! 

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