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Fine Lines and Swirls: Compositions 01 Training Card

Fine Lines and Swirls: Compositions 01 Training Card

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Susan's Nails has created this training card for those beginner or advanced nail technicians who would like to practice fine lines and swirls compositions in the comfort of their home.

Each card was designed and hand painted by Susan. The card has got a special coating on which makes it reusable.

There are 5 different designs on each card. Some of them are simple, some of them are a bit more complicated, giving you the chance to challenge yourself.

You can work with acrylic paints or with hard colour gels on the card. If you want to reuse your card, do not cure the gel just cleanse it and wipe it clean.

All of the designs are suitable to use on salon length nails as well as extreme length nails too.


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