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Metallic Slider M123

Metallic Slider M123

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Vanilla Nail Art Sliders are a high quality water decal made from thermo film materials and are made and designed in Russia. With distributors all over the globe we are now lucky enough to have them available to Nail Professionals in the UK and be THE OFFICIAL distributor in the UK.  We hope you love them as much as nail technicians around the world do.

These decals come in different styles from metallic range to themed sliders. You can find 12 different sliders on the paper. They can be different in sizes and styles too (depends on the slider)

They are perfect for beginner users as well as pros.

Application instructions:

  • Prep natural nails as per usual.
  • Apply gel extension / overlay or acrylic extension / overlay, file and buff.
  • Apply a thin layer of gel like NABA LED Builder Gel Clear and cure for 10 sec. When this gel cures it has got a very sticky layer which gives a very good base to these sliders.
  • Cut slider to size and shape of nail ensuring there is a small gap around the edges to seal the slider.
  • Submerge slider in hot water for 5-10 seconds. Place slider on the nail, manipulate until it is cool. If air bubbles or folds occur smooth with Silicon Brushes. If the slider is not the right size, you can stretch it to make sure it fits to the nail. Be careful, do not stretch too much as you will tear the slider.
  • Place the nail back to the lamp for another 30 sec.
  • Once positioned and cured remove excess slider with nail file. Be gentle, not to tear the slider.
  • Apply another thin layer of builder gel on the nail and cure.
  • Use a flexible top coat to finish your nail.
  • As an extra tip, you can add gems, beads, pearls etc to the nail to make it even more unique
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