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NABA Gel Lac 118 LATTE

NABA Gel Lac 118 LATTE

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New and improved Lac Gel Polish with a thicker consistency.

The Gel Polish system is a durable, soakoff system that can be used to adorn and reinforce the natural nails. This thin, self-levelling gel system has excellent adhesion, low odor and great shine. While due to mild physical impact, chemicals or moisture traditional nail polish may wear out only in a few days, Gel Polish can preserve their colour even for 4 weeks +, due to the UV technology. Its durability can be enhanced by applying a basic and a covering coat. It can be removed by soaking (NABA Lac Gel Remover) with Remover Wraps as easily as it was applied before and it causes no damage on the nails surface.

Curing time: 2 minutes in 36watt UV lamp, less than 1 minute in LED lamp. (Please note: curing time may vary depending on your UV/LED lamp. Don't forget to check and change the bulbs in your UV lamp in every 6 months.)

Course info: would you like to offer this service to your clients? Why don't you check out our training on gel polish application and design courses.

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