A Brief Guide to Cover Pinks -Why, When and How?!

A Brief Guide to Cover Pinks -Why, When and How?!

Cover Pinks ( gel or acrylic) are the key to the perfect nail extension,  specially to the flawless French look.

Their purpose to create the perfect nail bed extension.  The colour is very similar if not identical to the nail bed.  It hides the regrowth area at the smile line,  the nail bed can be extended optically and it gives to the nail bed a nice, healthy pinky colour too.


Talking about the cover pink gels, some of them are really just for covering the nail bed with a thin layer of gel, mainly used just for the colour.

But there are other hard cover pink gels which you can use as a builder gel too.  I prefer these ones to be honest.  You can use them not just to extend the nail bed but the whole nail.  It comes handy when you decide not to build your French look, just paint it on the top of the nail.

As you know, you can create the French look with gel in several ways. 

Using cover pink gel and white builder gel:



or file the smile line,


or paint on the white free edge with hard colour gel,


or babyboomer look

Which one is your favourite method to do is up to you really!  I prefer to paint it on to be honest.  Why?  Because my clients do not want to have French twice, they get bored.  When they come back for an infill, it is easier to file off the top layer of the nail.

I always said as well you can never have just one hard cover pink gel either.


Because our skin tone is different and a light cover pink colour will not suite for everyone as neither do the dark cover pink.  I suggest to have at least 2 different in your salon to make sure you can do your very best.



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