12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 3

12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 3

 Hey guys, how are you doing? How are you getting on with your challenge? I am absolutely loving your designs and it is so nice to see, I could inspire you this Christmas. Keep up the good work and send your work in. Love seeing them!


Today is our day 3 in the 12 days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge, and I brought to you a very special one....one of my favourites, the one and only opal white and blue combo in ombre style. 🥰

I don't want to make my or your life any harder than it is so I am just doing an easy side ombre 😉 you cannot go wrong with it! Jazz it up with some matt white glitters and you are good to go! 


Let's see the steps here

 step 1

Step 1: create your base. These mosaic paints are so easy to work with and they work perfect on gel polish / BIAB / hard gel / acrylics / acrygel. They are very thin with great coverage so your finish design won't be too bulky if you know what I mean. 😊

 step 2

Step 2: I'm going to use 2 mosaic gel paints from the metallic collection: opal white and midnight blue.

When you are choosing a light and dark colour for your ombre, start applying the lighter colour first. In this case your brush will not be overloaded with a dark colour. 😉

Apply opal colour approximately half of the nail but do not cure.

 step 3

Step 3: apply the blue colour on the other side of the nail but do not cure.

 step 4

Step 4: either with your builder brush or an ombre brush work the colours together in the middle. With slow moves work in the middle part to blend the colours together first then move your brush a little bit on the side and work your colours together. When you are happy with your ombre, cure.

 step 5

Step 5: this step can be missed but it gives such a beautiful little sparkling extra to the nail. Using the sticky layer of the hard gel, stick some foils all over the nail. Top coat and cure.

step 6

Step 6: mix together matt white glitters with a bit of top gel and apply it as your smile line. Drag some lines out, shorter - longer and cure. 


Finish picture 


What  I really like about this design, it is simple but so effective. Just perfect 🥰 

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Lots of nail love,

Susan xx

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