12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 4

12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 4

I know it is the weekend, but when you are a nail technician and we are before Christmas, I do not actually think it matters. Most of us probably working very hard ( well I do hope so anyway ) to fit all clients in for their new shinny set of nails before Christmas. Are you doing weekends too? What's your plans for today?

I brought you today another Christmas favourite of mine.

It's a purple set, french style, salon friendly. Simple, effective, clients favourite!

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Step by step pictures

step 1

Step 1: create your base. These mosaic paints are so easy to work with and they work perfect on gel polish / BIAB / hard gel / acrylics / acrygel. They are very thin with great coverage so your finish design won't be too bulky if you know what I mean. 😊 Most of the colours will cover in just one coat but if you are using two coats, make sure they are very thin. 😉

step 2


Step 2: using a fine nail art brush and orchid gel paint from mosaic, paint on your "french" line but do not cure. Feather it down towards to the free edge. 


 step 3


Step 3: use Mosaic gel paint 28 white nights on the rest of free edge. Marble together the two colours with a dotting tool and cure.


step 4


Step 4: use the tacky layer of the gel and apply transfer foils on the free edge. 


step 5


Step 6: using a fine nail art brush and white art gel, paint on some white feathers🪶  on the smile line. 

step 6

 Step 7: add some matt white glitters to your design. Top coat and cure. 


Finish picture



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Lots of nail love,

Susan xx

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